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Coronary heart disease and sweet potatoes and salad

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Since the 6% of coronary heart disease deaths in women are caused by obesity and 16% of coronary heart diseases deaths in men are due to high blood pressure, according to BBC, use potatoes as a diet and save money spent for weight loss products and potatoes skin as a natural heart remedy and stop spend on drugs of heart diseases.

You can make safe diet with potatoes because Potatoes possess great nutritional ingredients that help your health becomes better, Potatoes can drop your blood pressure by 4 % after only one Month, if your eat potatoes as French fries or chips twice a day for a period of one month it’s approved to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) by 3 – 4 %, all of that and more. Potatoes are not starch only anymore!

Purple potatoes have great content of Antioxidants, also white potatoes and red potatoes have sufficient amount of anti-oxidants that lower heart diseases and cancers

Great potatoes salad, chips, white, red, and even potatoes skin possess ingredients that including healthy benefits for heart and preventing coronary heart diseases in addition to vast variety of diseases such as:

Anti-cancers properties: Potato carboxypeptidase inhibitor (PCI) is a naturally occurring protease inhibitor peptide in potatoes that can form complexes with several metallo-carboxypeptidases, so that PCI inhibits tumor cell growth

Magic ingredient of Potatoes that make Potatoes is nutritious food:
Potatoes is 100% free of fats and contains 0% of saturated fats and absolutely have no grams of trans fats and thus Potatoes is dietary insignificant source of Cholesterol (20 mgs of cholesterol), so that Potato prevent your heart from bad fat-induced coronary heart disease, and reduce heart risk factors of bad cholesterol

Potatoes Skin don’t have Sodium element in its components, so Potatoes skin make you away from High blood pressure (hypertension) the resulting from high serum sodium.

The second magical ingredients is that Potatoes skin is a rich source of Potassium (K) element that make potatoes among the Potassium richest 20 fruit and vegetable, Potassium help maintain normal blood pressure and prevent risk factor of heart stroke from hypertension.

Potatoes have 8% of daily fibers needs of the body which become a substitute of loss weight products and drugs because it lower blood glucose level and maintain your body weight, the matter that make Potatoes rich in fibers are best health protector from risk factors of heart disease and weight loss side effects like high blood sugar.

Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C which acts as antioxidants with carotenoids and anthocyanins which all help in cancer fighting in the body.

Potatoes rich in Vitamin B6, which help in Carbohydrates (CHO) metabolism and make essential Amino acids that body needs, and maintain normal blood cycle that maintain normal blood

So that Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes skin can be a good alternative medicine of artery disease drugs including drugs like medicine percutaneous coronary intervention and prevent heart strokes and reduce risk factors of heart attack, you can deliver Potatoes to your family as a healthy food as a potatoes salad with or instead of sour cream or sour dressing and make a potatoes skin as a powder to use as natural remedy to reducing high blood pressure and no more suffering from coronary artery diseases, and say good bye to heart stroke pain.

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